We are a boutique travel company for mindful & adventurous women. 
Our aim is to empower women to travel the world, in a safe, ethical and meaningful way through creating multi dimensional, intimate group trips that value authentic cultural experiences, cultivate whole hearted relationships  and support small women owned businesses.
Our Core Values
  • Connection
  • Community
  • Education
We develop personal relationships with owners of small local businesses to create one of a kind authentic experiences unique to Arrow Retreats. We work with:
  • Chefs, Farmers + Restaurant Owners
  • Fashion Designers
  • Musicians + Artists
  • Fitness instructors + Wellness Advocates
  • Textile Artisans + Craft Makers
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When we travel, we like to feel like visitors, rather than tourists. We'll hang with the locals to learn and appreciate their differences, while bonding over a shared human experience of learning and growing. We want to honor and support all of the women of the world that are impacting their communities, and be able to share their stories with ours. 
From natural dying workshops, to visiting local fashion studios, eating with owners of female run restaurants, staying at female owned hotels, to visiting  local coops that are empowering underprivileged women, we'll have every detail organized thoughtfully with women in mind.


When choosing a destination, we build the landscape into our itinerary. Mountains? Let's hike. City? Let's find the side streets and alley ways. Ocean? Swim, surf, catamaran, of course. Not only do we do all the cultural things, we infuse movement oriented activities to fully participate in and appreciate the local geography. 


We have a professional photographer on each one of our retreats to capture all that you are and all that you'll experience through out the trip. We love that this enables you to put down your camera and truly see the world through your own eyes. You'll get access to hundreds of photos from the trip and can even book a private mini shoot to make this experience even more special.



We offer an optional yoga class to start your day with presence each morning of the retreat. Establishing a daily ritual of movement and mindfulness is a valuable method for self connection,stress regulation and balance.

We're here to help guide you on a clear path forwards; to destinations that are as wild, as special, and as unique as you.

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Our Philosophy

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