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We are a small team of experienced travelers that are dedicated to creating authentic and memorable international getaways for you. Booking a trip is a big deal and we want you to know that we're here for you every step of the way. 

Dani Reidy

Founder & Trip Leader

"At my core, I am a passionate student and teacher of mindfulness, AND I am globe trotter, driven to connect with women around the world, hear their stories, support their dreams and bring communities together. To me, both of these passions are about exploration, education and connection. One takes you inwards, the other points you outwards to see the world. Arrow Retreats was born out of looking for a trip that I wanted to go on but couldn't find. I love to move my body and be active, I love to participate in deep and heart felt conversations, I love to explore the off the beaten path restaurants, learn from hands on workshops, spend time getting active riding bikes, hiking, swimming, and develop perspective from every available opportunity. When I travel, I want to feel like I am visiting a place in the most authentic way possible. It's important to me to build relationships with locals, to see how they see and live how they live. As an entrepreneur myself, I have enjoyed seeking out other incredibly driven and talented women of the world. Despite our cultural backgrounds, and the distance between us, I continue to learn and appreciate how much we truly are all the same. It is my mission to provide women with a space where they truly feel heard, seen, supported and ultimately, understood. That to me is the ultimate gateway into human connection. With a love for travel and a desire to create authentic cultural experiences with a focus on the incredibly talented and driven female entrepreneurs of the world, Arrow was created." 


Founder and creator of Arrow Retreats, Dani's vision is to empower women through multi dimensional travel experiences that support local communities around the world. Dani is proud to have led over 250 women on over 20 retreats over the past 5 years. She is originally from New York, and currently resides in Baltimore, Maryland where she studied Anthropology at Towson University. With a passion for exploration, and a deep curiosity in learning about herself, others, culture, and humanity as a whole, Dani is so excited to welcome you on one of these international small group trips.


Dani spends countless hours exploring new destinations to pioneer for future Arrow Retreats; building relationships with local chefs, artists, makers and creatives, to develop irreplicable  workshops and authentic experiences unique to Arrow Retreats. With a number of attendees on each trip limited to 15 people, every retreat feels intimate, and with most women traveling solo, everyone bonds over the shared experience of newness, without having to sacrifice their safety.


As an experienced yoga teacher, Dani also provides optional yoga classes each morning of the retreat, so that you can feel embodied before embarking on a day of exploration. This is one way of infusing the essence of mindfulness into Arrow Retreats ; to give you an opportunity to be present, and to reflect on the absolute gift it is to travel the world.


Dani is the founder of Arrow Yoga, a resource for yoga education and experiences. She leads virtual classes, workshops and a 200 hour YTT. 

Rebecca Laubner

 Trip Leader

Rebecca is an experienced traveler and bright light that we love to be around. 

Jessica Holstein

Bookings + Communication

Jessica is your go to girl for all things logistics. She'll be your guiding light in feeling the most prepared for your retreat. Jessica traveled with Arrow Retreats to Bali back in 2017 and knows just how things are supposed to run. Need the most detailed packing list? Jessica has you covered. Want to know which are the absolute best flights you should get? Again, she is practically Want to know some other amazing excursions you could take before or after your trip? Jessica can provide you with an itinerary with everything and anything you dream of doing. We don't know how she does it but she amazes us! We love Jessica because she is always down for an adventure, is on top of her inbox like you wouldn't believe and is a powerful, positive, whole hearted person to be around. 

If you ever have any questions or just want to befriend this girl (because you should!) reach out to Jessica at

Anna Meyer


My passion for photography and capturing life through the lens of my camera runs deep. Growing up my Dad was a photographer and so we always had a dark room in our house. I would patiently wait outside the door, until he told me it was ok for me to come in, and there I would stand beside him to see the magic happen. To me a photo really is worth a thousand words, or a story! That is my aim really, I desire to tell peoples stories through my photographs. I am an adventurer, a story-teller, a detail-seeker, and embracer of all things lovely. I am based out of Washington D.C. but would love to travel to wherever you may be! Find Anna's amazing photographs here

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